What I learned from Anime #2 – The media and my opinion

So apparently it’s not enough that people my age tell me I’m too old for this shit. No, the media tells me, too. But hold on! No, that’s not enough. Not only are they telling people they’re too old for Anime and Manga, no, they’re telling people it’s dangerous. I know, right? Bullseye.

Like, what the fuck? I watch it all day and I’m as dangerous as a big eyed puppy. Without teeth. Most of the time, anyway.

Still not enough? Come on, you’re kidding me, right? No, I’m not. Sadly.
You all know what they say about games. Shooters or RPGs or whatever. They’re dangerous. People try to imitate it. People run amok after they’ve played that certain game. I think I recall someone telling me a few years ago someone somewhere on this planet played Final Fantasy VIII, and because the game was too much for his sorry ass to comprehend, he ran amok. Now don’t get me wrong. Someone shooting people is horrible. People killing people is a no-go, no matter the cause. But blaming the game? It’s Final Fantasy VII’s fault? Has anybody ever played that game? No? Well, here’s the thing: You’re a guy called Squall and you’re getting some pretty nice (but mostly stupid) friends, and run around and fight monsters, collect things and GF’s. Yeah, sure, I know there’s more to that game, but I don’t want to get into it too much, because I know I can’t stop.

However, back to the topic. We all think it’s not the game’s fault someone killed people. Or at least most of us do. But okay, that’s an old shoe, everyone has already said gamers are killers, so why not searching a different group we harass?

Exactly! Let’s get the Anime/Manga people! Hooray! We’ve found someone new nobody has talked about in a bad way. Strike! And batter out!

You may wonder: “What the heck are you talking about?” So here’s the thing:

Last year a German young adult (I think he’s about 20?) killed a 13 year old girl. That’s horrible enough as it is, you think. Well, it is. But oh my god, he was an Anime fan. He posted pictures of an Anime girl he had drawn and which had looked exactly like the girl who he murdered. Why do Anime fans do this? Because they can’t get what they want – which, in this case, would be the desired character?

Oh hell, if that was the case I would’ve murdered hundreds of people already.

Now, that article was printed in a German newspaper. Thing is, that newspaper called “Bild” (hey Germans, have a laugh, because yeah, Bild. We all don’t know why I’m even talking about it) and it’s widely read. Which doesn’t mean what they say is the truth. I promise with this, if I ever read an article in Bild which they’ve done proper research on, I’ll pack my things and run a marathon through Germany. Why am I promising this? Exactly. Because it’ll never happen, anyway. All that newspaper cares about are shocking scenes adults and stupid people will gasp by, quotes, circulations. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not.
The media does that all day, mostly without us even knowing, since we can’t even start to find any proper or right information.

Let’s get the facts straight on that article. The pictures that sorry excuse of a human being uploaded weren’t his’. He saw them on deviantart, liked them and published them on facebook as his own. No, not enough. The girl which was murdered didn’t even look like the girl in the picture posted (BRS, I mean, seriously…. Guys…). The other pictures posted in the article (like Itachi of Naruto, which was a slightly dark and sad pictutre) were used to describe the guy as “sad”, “misunderstood” and “a lone wolf”.

This article did a lot of damage to kids watching Anime and their parents who knew nothing about the scene. Many forbade their kids to keep watching it, some didn’t care at all and some (very few though) tried to connect with their children by starting to read one or two books of something (which I find admirable, really).

It’s a hassle the media keeps relying on stupid and incompetent people. Oh god, look, that dude reads one of those Japanese books, must be some tentacle porn! I bet he’s going to kill someone if he doesn’t stop it.

Yes people, way to go. You’re stupid. And the worst thing? You think you’re funny.
Now let me tell you something. You’re not. By far not.

If someone keeps teasing you because you like a TV show, what would you be like?
If someone constantly picks on you because you like to read, what would you be like?
If someone doesn’t know shit and harasses you because you do Cosplay, what would you be like?
Exactly. You would hate it. And that’s how I’m feeling right now. And I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one.

But what to do other than put hope in stupid people? You know it won’t help, but hope dies last, doesn’t it?