Smiley Collection #1

I decided to make a smiley collection. You know, like, raking some photos of cars, traffic signs and things and turning them into smileys. I don’t know when this idea came, but someday I gazed at a traffic sign and thought “Just eyes and it would look like this: Q________Q” and so I decided to make pictures. However, since I’m too stupid to carry my cam around (although it’s just a small digicam) it may take some time until I update this again ^^ I will try though!

So, here are the first things.

First things first, my new Desktop. The wallpaper shows Heine Rammsteiner of the Manga DOGS. I love this wallpaper! Copyright by lifeissimple @

Now, Domo-kun. A japanese figure for children. A friend of mine made it for me and I love it. However, Domo-kun decided to be a Santa!

And now, my Wacom Tablet. It likes to be used but recently, I was so busy, I couldn’t use it at all. This is how its mood is now:

That’s it for now 😀



Today I found a great picture on Deviantart.

It’s name is “Feel Alive” and it was made by the artist called Yuumei.

This is the one.

When I saw this picture, I was truly stunned. I began to love it within less than a second and all I thought was “wwooooooow” because it’s simply amazingly drawn. It was made with Paint Tool SAI, which I personally use as well but I’ve never thought of something like this. Strangely, it remembered me of a picture I had drawn about a year ago. It’s title was “The man who cried at the sea” or “海で泣いた男”. It actually was the same scene, just that the guy in front was a silhuette and everything was scribbled and not that amazing. When I drew it I thought “Ah, when I can draw such a picture in digital and if it looks awesome, it’ll be my most sincere one forever!” and here it is, but not drawn by me haha. Strange feeling, but great at the same time. Someone had the same idea as me!

However. I think the colors in this picture are well used and fit to each other greatly. The clouds around the sun look like the kind of textures I love to use when I do icons or wallpaper. When you look at this picture, it seems as if you’re exactly behind this person, gazing at him and at the sun while narrowing your eyes because it’s so bright. I love this kind of scenery, it’s just beautiful. Thinking you and that person are the only ones at that shore or on that hill and gazing into the setting sun. Ahhh, just awesome and beautiful~

What do you guys think?


Haa~ It’s the same wherever you log in. When you start a new blog, it’s actually pretty empty, isn’t it? It feels like you’re never there to write something, although you just wrote an entry or just signed up a few hours ago. I don’t like it, so I’m trying to get it full now haha. I already promised me when I opened my LJ blog that I will take maaaany photos of my friends or the city or the countryside and here and there and such. Well, I didn’t do it anyway *coughs* Sooooo I’m trying to do it on this blog! We’ll see if it workd out, won’t we? 🙂

However, I’m posting some pictures/ designs now!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog!

Well, what to say. I’m 22 and from Germany, my name’s Tanja. At the moment I’m a student and try to get into university in two years. I like to design and to eat delicious food. Also, I’m a music addict. I can’t live without it. For details, check my About Page :3

I’m a fan of Japan, I like the culture and the history. Also, the music is great and so are some comics or shows from there. I like watching TV Dramas made in Japan because they are funny and suck you in like a good movie.

I decided to create a blog on here just today. Before, i always said no when a friend asked me haha. Well, however, I like it here. Please be nice and guide me through worldpress! Thank you! ^^