Well, I actually just wanted to do a picture with textures and I found this great stock image on stock.xchng. I love the stock images of that page, they’re always beautiful and awesome. I used this stock image of Jasha400d. I really like the scene Jasha photographed :3

Yeah, here it is ^^


Smiley Collection #1

I decided to make a smiley collection. You know, like, raking some photos of cars, traffic signs and things and turning them into smileys. I don’t know when this idea came, but someday I gazed at a traffic sign and thought “Just eyes and it would look like this: Q________Q” and so I decided to make pictures. However, since I’m too stupid to carry my cam around (although it’s just a small digicam) it may take some time until I update this again ^^ I will try though!

So, here are the first things.

First things first, my new Desktop. The wallpaper shows Heine Rammsteiner of the Manga DOGS. I love this wallpaper! Copyright by lifeissimple @

Now, Domo-kun. A japanese figure for children. A friend of mine made it for me and I love it. However, Domo-kun decided to be a Santa!

And now, my Wacom Tablet. It likes to be used but recently, I was so busy, I couldn’t use it at all. This is how its mood is now:

That’s it for now 😀


Haa~ It’s the same wherever you log in. When you start a new blog, it’s actually pretty empty, isn’t it? It feels like you’re never there to write something, although you just wrote an entry or just signed up a few hours ago. I don’t like it, so I’m trying to get it full now haha. I already promised me when I opened my LJ blog that I will take maaaany photos of my friends or the city or the countryside and here and there and such. Well, I didn’t do it anyway *coughs* Sooooo I’m trying to do it on this blog! We’ll see if it workd out, won’t we? 🙂

However, I’m posting some pictures/ designs now!

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