Inspiriences #1


The sky is wide and blue. Sometimes it’s a light and refreshing blue, sometimes it’s dark and intense. When we gaze at the sky, we can think about all the things we usually can’t seem to think about. We can dream and we can get our mind cleared. We can either feel secure or insecure. We can think about a decreased person, a friend we wish to see or the lover we want to be with. We can have romantic times, sad times and happy times, we can love and hate freely under this wide sky so clear that it hurts my eyes.
When I gaze into the sky I can’t help but wonder: what has the first human thought of the sky? What did my great grandmother do under this sky? Does my father enjoy looking up as much as I do? Is there anybody else who could spend the whole day and whole night lying in the grass and just watch the clouds float by?

And then I wonder: What was the thought my mother had when she first looked up to the sky? What did my grandpa think, what did my brother think? Were they amazed by this beauty? Was it breathtaking?

I can’t help but think about what I may have thought when I fist gazed up to this beautiful blue thing we nowadays call sky. I can’t remember but I hope it was something like: “I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what these white things are which are going by so softly. I don’t know why it has this color everyone claims to be blue. But it’s so incredibly stunning that I can’t move and to be honest, it calms me so much that I don’t even want to.”


INSPIRIENCES is a mix of the words “inspiring” and “differences”. I came up with that name because i wanted a special name for a special thing. INSPIRIENCES is all about different things in our daily life which we see as ‘well, it’s there, so what.’ but which need way more attention. We should let them inspire us freely without having any prejudices. Ordinary or trivial things shouldn’t be seen as ordinary or trivial.