That’s me!

Hey guys out there! How are you?

Well, what to say about myself, I guess I’ll put some questions together and then we’ll see.
Have fun surfing around!

1. Name: Tanja.

2. Date of birth: 29th April.

3. Where you live: Braunschweig, Germany.

4. What makes you happy: Chocolate, Food, Music, Friends.

5. Currently listening/the last thing you listened to: Gothic Storm – Follow your Heart.

6. An interesting fact about you: I like to space out the whole day.

7. What do you love at the moment?: Sleep.

8. Favourite place to spend time: Somewhere in the nature where I’m alone and where it’s beautiful. Or within the city to watch people randomly.

9. Favourite lyric: “When you smile, no matter how many times I lose, I’m always gonna stand up.” (GReeeeN – HEROES)

10. The best time of the year: Spring – because of the cherry blossoms; Autumn – because of the colored leaves; Winter – because I love snow

1. A film: Prince of Persia – Sands of Time, Evangelion, Think like a man, Bad Boys, LOTR, The Hobbit, etc.

2. A TV show: HIMYM, TBBT, The Fosters, Last man standing, Sherlock, The Following, CSI, NCIS.

3. A book: Biff’s Bible, Kafka on the Shore, Snakes and Earrings, Matched, The Giver.

4. A band, a song, or album: D’espairsRay, GReeeN, Aqua Timez, Hinder, Die Ärzte, Oldcodex, Granrodeo, OSTs, One OK Rock, Rise Against, POD, Daughtry, Hinder.

1. Two things you like about yourself: 1. I’m good at learning languages. 2. I’m always told I have a good sense of music.

Well, this is actually a livejournal meme. However, I like it, and so I posted it.

What else to say?
I’m interested in about everything. Tell me something you like, and tell me with enthusiasm, and I’m all ears. I like to listen to people and their stories, like to write and to read, and also like to create. Name it, I’ve at least tried it. Not that I’m very good at it, mind me.
I’m a shy person at first, but I can be very giddy, dorky and goofy, and I like to do random things all day. I’m interested in Photography and Art, as well as Design, and I always love to learn something new about it. I’m interested in Japan and its culture, as well as Anime/Manga, but I’m also interested in other countries, like the Philippines, Australia, America, Brazil, and so on.


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