What I learned from Anime #1 – Introduction

Anime is for kids. Every single one of us has heard this bullshit, over and over. How come people think like this? If adults are buying nearly every single piece of merchandise when it comes to Spongebob Squarepants, how is it that Anime is for kids only?

Obviously, those people have never heard of Hellsing. Elfenlied. Gantz. Akira. Ghost in the Shell, Psycho-Pass, Attack on Titan or whatever. Because I personally won’t deem them kid-friendly. If I had watched any of those when I was small, I wouldn’t have been able to leave the house, no matter the time. Period. I’d probably locked myself into my room and only came out to drink or to eat. If even.

So I haven’t been an easy kid, rather the opposite. I bet mum had times where she wanted to throw my head into a wall (I bet she still does want to do that nowadays), but I think I certainly grew as I watched Anime.

The first Anime I ever watched; I can’t even remember it. I grew up with them, people not even knowing they were Anime. Heidi, Jungle Book, Princess Sarah, Little Woman. I adored watching titles like the rose of Versailles or Ganbare Kickers, and I was frightened while watching Robin Hood or Treasure Island.
But the first one I knew was an Anime when I watched it was Digimon, which aired around the same time as Pokemon Season 1. I think it started a little later, but oh, the details. I was into Digimon, and wanted one myself. Frankly speaking, I’ve had my crushes on characters, but the first one was definitely Tai.

Recently (or rather since a few years), since Anime became world known and many people watch it, I hear so many talking about it in a bad way.

They’re for kids.” “You’re an adult and you’re watching cartoons?” “I’m not watching Anime, I’m a grown human.
Yeah, you are an adult. But what exactly is your point? I don’t go around telling people “You watch Twilight, grow the fuck up.
Well, I could. And I certainly would like to, because having Alucard cuddling my heart every second since I started watching Hellsing, I indeed don’t like Twilight. But who cares? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Period. But you don’t have to tell everyone to suck dick just because they like different things than you.

“The only people who don’t like Anime are the ones who haven’t given it a chance.”

was what I’ve read on tumblr years ago. And I think it’s true. I know so many people who didn’t like it; but then they watched one show, and got addicted. Not to all Anime, but to a specific genre. And that’s okay. I’ve watched so many different Anime and read so many different Manga, if someone asked me what they should start with when they’re new to the whole Anime fandom, all I need are a few books or movies they like. And I will most certainly find something they like.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to impress you or boast, I just want you to know there are enough shows in this world for everyone to like.

And here I want to show you what Anime and Manga have taught me; what kind of things I like about them and why, what I think is important and what I think makes them worth watching. Sometimes you may agree, and most probably there will be many times you’ll disagree, but that’s fine with me. Just write it down into the comments, because I want to know what you think about it, too.


3 thoughts on “What I learned from Anime #1 – Introduction

  1. I guess most of the people who don’t know any anime think of it as some childish flicks to get an epileptic attack of. The problem is, that they think they are fully right in their very uncomplete knowledge and (try to) spread it through their entire social environment. But hey, anime/manga is not the only topic that suffers from idiots like these. Did you know that electronic cigarettes are even deadlier than regular ones? No? That’s because the E-Cig-Mafia makes all those millions of corpses “disappear”. In short, the same bullshit is going on there and there are simply too many BILD readers who believe the junk they publish. OK, back to topic…

    I myself wouldn’t state that i am a big fan of manga/anime although being a big fan of AKIRA (thanks again for the birthday card 😉 ) and some of Otomo’s other works. I think the first anime i watched and liked was Queen Millenia. And i am quite sorry for not being able to dedicate some spare time for Appleseed, Ghost In The Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion or stuff like that.

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