Of vectors and brb buttons

Well well. I decided to let you know what I’m working on atm.

Due to school reasons and such I kinda have the brb status written on my Photoshop Button on my taskbar but I’m trying to get it finished soon. I got many unfinished Vectors like my Heine Bardo Vector I’m working on since… well, last year? However, I’m trying~ One Dragonball vector waits as well and I still have several DOGS vectors and also my Reborn and Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan vectors I’m trying to avoid. Harada wants to be finished~. I also promised to finish the layout for a friends’ page but yeah, that’s on ice since he’s not sending the requested pictures. Howwwwever, here’s the Heine vector I’m working on atm. How do you like it? Still much left but I love vectoring him. Geez, his jacket drives me nuts but I love it at the same time. Black/violet is a great mix, don’t you think? :3


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